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  1. The Days cycle, 1 hour in game = 24 hours in virtual with the sun changing is position in the sky.
  2. The months cycle of the year with the seasons. It includes The Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter with the temperature variations.
  3. The external and internal temperature can be checked with the thermometer.
  4. Hypothermia, hunger, thirst.
  5. Meteorology (Day Sunny, Night, Starry, Night, Overcast, Fog, Snow, Overcast with Light Grey, Overcast with Dark Grey, Orange with some flash but without Rain, Heavy Rain, light Rain, Rain with thunderstorm, Blue Sky with some cloud)
  6. Synchronization of all servers at the same date, same weather and same time.


  1. Cure an human with the red medkit.
  2. Stopping an human bleeding with the red medkit.
  3. A trade Invitation system to trade objects.
  4. A Friend request system to add someone into your Steam friendlist.


  1. Go onto the search of any resources by looting the furnitures, vehicles, dead bodies...
  2. Cut wood with the axe.
  3. Make a camp fire, cook the food, warm yourself up and dry your clothes.
  4. Build a shelter with boards, nails and a hammer.
  5. Barricade yourself in buildings to survive at the night.
  6. Build persistent storage.
  7. Use the environment at your advantage.
  8. Defend yourself against zombies.
  9. Protect your friends.
  10. Collect the rain water
  12. Storage at the trunk of the vehicle.
  13. Access to the vehicle trunk.
  14. Passenger seats.
  15. Consumption of gasoline when you let the engine on.
  16. Possibility to siphon the vehicles.
  17. The vehicle may explode when it get shot.
  18. Battery management.
  19. Engine management.
  20. Driver Interface is accessible by holding the Reload button (R per default)
  21. Start/Stop the vehicle.
  22. Left and Right indicator lights.
  23. Centralized door lock (It also close the trunk).
  24. Turn On/Off the headlights.
  25. Regular and high headlights.


  1. 9 firearms. (MP5, AK47, M4A1, Famas, M249, Benelli, Remington, M14 and M24)
  2. 4 hand weapons. (Beretta, Glock-20, MAC-11 and D. Eagle)
  3. 2 melee weapons. (The axe, the Hammer,) (More is coming soon)
  4. 9 different types of ammunition (9mm,9smm,Shotgun Shells,50ae,10mm,556n,762n,762smm,flare)
  5. Aim with the Iron Sight.
  6. Environmental Flash to see in the dark when you are shooting.


  1. Use the tape to attach the flashlight on the guns (Coming Soon).

CRAFTING (Crafting list)

  1. Craft munitions
  2. Craft constructions.
  3. Craft materials.


  1. Massive amount of zombies (60 maximum).
  2. Real field of view that manages the environment. (Possibility to hide).
  3. The zombies can be attracted with your voice (with a microphone).
  4. The zombies can hear shots at a long-distance.
  5. Only a head shot can kill zombies.
  6. 100% Of chance to be infected when you are hit by a zombie.
  7. 33% Of chance to be in a state of shock and to bleed when you get hit by a zombie.


  1. 9 types of sodas.
  2. 2 types of beers.
  3. The water bottle. (that can be kept empty and filled)
  4. The flask, like the water bottle, but it can contain more water. (can be kept empty and filled)
  5. 6 Boxes of canned food that can be cooked.
  6. Biscuit.
  7. Cookies.
  8. Dry Bread.
  9. Chips.
  10. Military ration.


  1. Life bar
  2. Hunger Bar
  3. Thirst bar
  4. Endurance Bar
  5. Heat bar
  6. Hypothermia Evolution bar.
  7. Infection evolution bar
  8. Pain intensity bar.
  9. Alteration state icon (critical Hunger, critical Thirst,Pain, Infected, Hypothermia and heat.)
  10. Switch between first and third person view.
  11. A cold breath effect when the temperature is under 0°C.
  12. Evolution of tree leaves depending on the seasons.

NIGHT TIME (Zworld-Afterlife Afterlight Mod)

  1. Slow Zombies are more active at night.


  1. Walkie Talkie (can speak and write in private chat when the frequency is regulated at the same number than your partners)
  2. Flashlight
  3. The watch(Showing the virtual date and time)
  4. The can opener (Very useful when you want to open a canned food)
  5. The Matches (Light a fire camp , a match provide 10 seconds of lighting.)
  6. The Flask (can be filled in a lake, a river, a basin, a bucket, a jerry can filled with water)
  7. The Flare Gun ( It throw a flare)
  8. The Kevlar (Protect you against bullets, must be fixed with metal plates)
  9. The fire extinguisher (it extinguishing a fire and the fire camp.)
  10. The wrench (Allows you to remove engine parts and to replace them)
  11. Binoculars
  12. The Compass
  13. The Thermometer (Indicating the temperature, outside and inside and the fire camp heat.)
  14. -The bag (It allows you to store objects that are quickly accessible)
  15. The Backpack (It allows you to avoid the mess in the player's inventory, the backpack is difficult to access. It is necessary to lay it the ground for Storing/Placing objects)
  16. The Bucket and the basin. When it rains, the water is stocked inside those two oobjects don't forget to leave them outside so the water can be collected. You can also fill them by placing them on a lac, sea... It is faster than waiting for the rain at summer.
  17. A Jerry can and a Hose allows you to store gasoline by siphoning the vehicles.
  18. The Hose also allows you to connect a gas bottle to a stove in order to cook food. (The other solution is to cook with the campfire)


  1. Scoreboard (Roleplay name, steam Name, player status, zombies killed, human murders, time played on our servers, survival time, world ranking,ping)
  2. Your World Ranking is actualized when you enter a new score when you died.
  3. Points bar in the inventory.
  4. Able to drink directly from a water source.
  5. State alteration, the thirst, the hunger, the endurance.
  6. Level Up System where you perform actions in the category. (Cutting wood increases your wood cutting level.)
  7. Roleplay Name System


  1. Endurance Skills: Recovery, Speed, Sprint, Apnea.
  2. Crafting Skills: Wood cutting, Construction, Engineering, Medicinal.
  3. Melee Weapon Skills: Damage, Speed, Endurance.
  4. Firearms Skills: Accuracy, Recoil, Reload Speed.
  5. Survival skills: Fishing, Gardening, and looting speed.


  1. Antibiotics (Stop the infection progression)
  2. The Analgesics (relieves the pain)
  3. Bandages (Stop the bleeding)
  4. Green First aid kit (first aid + restore 50% of your life)
  5. White advanced first aid kit (first aid + restore 100% of your life)


  1. The weapon Merchant : Buying and selling weapons and ammunition
  2. The construction Merchant : Selling constructions equipment.
  3. The Doctor: Offering his services in exchange of some money.

SERVER : MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION INTERFACE (Any administration of the servers is on the game interface there is no command to open the Management and Administration menu, press the F2 Key)
Management list of the connected players.

  1. Adding/Deleting Moderator.
  2. Adding/Deleting Administrator.
  3. Adding/Deleting a Co-Owner .
  4. Adding/Deleting a player in the Whitelist.
  5. Activation/Disabling the Whitelist system. (If enabled, only players from the Whitelist can join the server. No need to put passwords.)
  6. Management of the Banned people, Moderator, Administrator and Owner .
  7. Changing Map.
  8. Edit the server name.
  9. Choose the maximum number of zombies on the server.
  10. The frequency of zombies spawn.
  11. Convert slow zombies into fast.
  12. Convert fast zombies into slow.
  13. In real time maintenance system (remove the objects on the server, the zombies, forcing the furniture to reboot, complete server cleaning, reboot the server)
  14. 6 slots of Backup per map when you modify one. (modified/customized by the admins and owners)
  15. 6 slots for Backup per map for created bases.
  16. 7 slots of Backup for the position of the Merchants Npcs placed by the administrators/owners.
  17. Weather management (ability to choose the time and the weather on your server.)
  18. Night and day Management (You can choose the time of day, the Sun moves automatically to the point where he is sensed to be)
  19. Possibility to write your server rules. The rules appears on the Scoreboard.
  20. Change your server Options. Change your server into PvE or PVP..
  21. Enable/Disable Friendly Fire.
  22. Enable/Disable the persistants merchants.
  23. Enable/Disable Afterlight Mod (most difficult mod in the game, at the day the zombies are slow and when night is here the slow zombies becomes really furious infected.)
  24. Launch modified Version of Zworld-Afterlife, Conflict-Survivor, Virus, Capture the Flag and Collect Resource.


  1. 31 compatible maps.

TRANSLATION (21 Languages)

  1. French
  2. Amenian
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Czech
  5. Deutch
  6. English
  7. Estonian
  8. Finnish
  9. Greek
  10. Italian
  11. Japanese,
  12. Korean
  13. Latvia
  14. orwegian
  15. Polish
  16. Portuguese
  17. Romanian
  18. Russe
  19. Spanish
  20. Swedish
  21. Turk


  1. Zworld-Afterlife: Conflict-Survivor
  2. Zworld-Afterlife: Virus
  3. Zworld-Afterlife: Capture the Flag
  4. Zworld-Afterlife: Collect Ressources

ADMIN GUN(Customize your maps)(Activate the Admin Mod so that you can use your tools)

  1. Automatic/Manual Remover.
  2. Horde control.
  3. Client Light. (Your player create a light, that is illuminating your environment, but the other players can't see the light)
  4. Map customisation system.
  5. Spawn multiple type of Furniture.
  6. Spawn Entities
  7. Spawn Npcs merchants.
  8. Spawn Slow zombies.
  9. Spawn Fast zombies.
  10. Spawn ruined cars.
  11. Spawn working cars.
  12. Spawn multiple type of grass.
  13. Spawn bushes.
  14. Spawn trees.
  15. Spawn Human location point (where the player will spawn).
  16. Automatic zombies spawn (The difference between the other zombie spawn is that this one will make zombies spawn multiple times and the other one will make a zombie spawn only one time).
  17. Material scan system.
  18. Music and sound effect scan system.


  1. Fishing equipment.
  2. Fishing.
  3. Gardening equipment.
  4. Agriculture.
  5. Pre-built shelter.
  6. Sleeping System.
  7. Deployment of sleeping bag System.
  8. Tents Deployment System.
  9. Sleep.
  10. Real night System.