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 Next Update progress 15.0a

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PostSubject: Next Update progress 15.0a   Mon 29 Sep - 15:09

News Map:

[100%/------[Furniture: Toolbox]
[100%/------[Furniture: Industrial]
[100%/------[Ducttape](tool needed to stick on walls a written note. To attach a flashlight on the two-handed weapons. More in the future.)
[100%/------[Wench](necessary tool to repair vehicles)
[100%/------[New Blocnote System with paper and pencil](necessary tool to repair vehicles)

[100%/------[Make Zombies AI compatible with all map without nodegraphe]
[100%/------[New Skill panel, new system, new script](F4)
[100%/------[Improve Skill function]
[100%/------[Improve and Optimizing the Reload Speed System with a loading bar]
[100%/------[Improve + Optimizing New HUD]
[100%/------[Improve Altered state script]
[100%/------[New Home Screen]
[100%/------[New Continue Screen]
[100%/------[New Selection Survivor Menu]
[100%/------[Improvement System of HUD of Vehicle + Gain FPS.]
[100%/------[New functionality and improving the old.]
[100%/------[Bind 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 To quickly select Item in the menu wheel]
[100%/------[New HUD Icone]
[100%/------[Improvement HUD]
[100%/------[Fading of Rain Sound]
[100%/------[Improvement Rain Environement Sound]
[100%/------[Ban report copy improvement]
[100%/------[Improvement Zombies IA]

Quote :
[100%/------[Global Improvement Zmap Maker tool]
[100%/------[Can Spawn NPCs Merchand]
[100%/------[Optimizing and Improvement of Panel]

Zombies Script new Optimisation wrote:
[100%/------[Optimizing Zombies script]

[100%/------[Optimizing the detections systems]
[100%/------[Optimizing the ia base script]
[100%/------[Optimizing the entity loot of cadaver]
[100%/------[Optimizing Altered state script]
[100%/------[Optimizing Network Skill function]
[100%/------[Optimizing Skill function]
[100%/------[Campfire Network Script]
[100%/------[Vehicle Network Script]
[100%/------[logpiles to stock wood]
[100%/------[Optimizing the authentication database and the award of rank.]
[100%/------[physical storage boxes built](Ping General improvement. When many boxes are present: tested on server RP Home Building with 7 players / 24)

Quote :
This new system saves alot bandwidth and avoid unnecessary CPU work.
[100%/------[Changing the script for removing script loops server objects listed on playermodel.]
[100%/------[*FireArms ]
[100%/------[*MeleeWeapon ]
[100%/------[*Backpack ]

[100%/------[Lua error when you heal a friend with medkit and use the wheel at the same time.]
[100%/------[Double hit Glitch with Axe.]
[100%/------[Destroy Chest full of item cause lag.]
[100%/------[Glitch mouse that disappears when you die.]
[100%/------[Fix bug can not add paper in campfire]
[100%/------[Shootgun Glitch]
[100%/------[Zombies are ignored when they hear a gunshot.]
[100%/------[Glitch when you are overweight and can walk]
[100%/------[Glitch when you sprint in back stamina is not used]
[100%/------[Red errored Texture when you drop the Fuel on the ground with jerrycan the first time]
[100%/------[Fix score errored. Fixed all problem know with the database.]
[100%/------[Fixed admin can take weapon in hand when AdminMod is Enabled.]
[100%/------[Fixed zoom stuck when you aim and switch weapon.]

[100%/------[New Teamspeak Server IP.154.250.154]

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SteamID64 : 76561198033784269
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PostSubject: Re: Next Update progress 15.0a   Thu 23 Oct - 0:44

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PostSubject: Re: Next Update progress 15.0a   Thu 30 Oct - 17:26

Rebonjour !
(je sais même pas si tu te rappelles de nous)
ça fait longtemps je vois que ta bien avancé 🆒 !

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Bily beer


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PostSubject: Re: Next Update progress 15.0a   Thu 30 Oct - 18:24

salut Skinn0x moi ça me dit quelque chose,
un bon joueur je crois .
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PostSubject: Re: Next Update progress 15.0a   Thu 30 Oct - 19:05

Ah ah smiley , j'étais avec mon amis Dynz (qui avait ouvert un serveur zmod).
ça a drôlement avancé !

d’ailleurs Bily beer je me souviens de toi grâce a ta photo !
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SteamID64 : 76561198033784269
Posts : 2580

PostSubject: Re: Next Update progress 15.0a   Thu 30 Oct - 22:36

Hi Skinnox.
Currently I'm in a fix, optimization and improvement period of what already exists.
To avoid a similar maximum return on some bug that made ​​me lose a bit of time to respond I manage to fix quickly. This also brings stability and comfort level.
The new idea will not move forward, any time will not be functional as I would like.
The goal of optimization is to gain bandwidth and server resource use.
My zombies are now not dependent on nodegraphes maps which makes it compatible with 100% of the maps. Before we had to take that he had maps noded. that leave us little choice. The next 5 map will change everything.
I work hard, the visible results motivates me even more than I am.


Salut Skinnox ça avance.
Actuellement je suis dans une période correctif, optimisation et amélioration de ce qui existe déjà.
Afin d'éviter une maximum de retour similaire sur certain bug qui me font perdre un peu de temps à y répondre je m'arrange pour les corriger au plus vite. Ce qui apporte aussi niveau stabilité et confort.
Le projet en nouveauté n'avancera pas, temps que tout ne sera pas fonctionnelle tel que je le souhaite.
Le but de l'optimisation est de gagner en bande passante et en ressource serveur utilisé.
Mes zombies sont maintenant plus dépendant des nodegraphes des maps ce qui rend compatible avec 100% des maps. Avant il fallait prendre que des maps ou il avait le nodegraph de présent. ça nous laissez que très peu de choix. Les 5 prochaines map vont tout changer.

J'y bosse dure, les résultats visible me motive encore plus que je ne le suis. wink
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Next Update progress 15.0a
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