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 Next Update Progress 15.8a

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PostSubject: Next Update Progress 15.8a    Thu 8 Jan - 11:24

Nordahl wrote:
[100%]Improvement Ranking System Click to see DEMO HERE
[100%]Automatic refresh the webpage of rank.

[100%]Optimized Auto Clean Script. Server performance gain.
[100%]Fixed some error related to translation and special character.
[100%]Add Estonian Language
[100%]Update Spanish Language
[100%]Death notification in the console more specific. "Died of hunger, thirst, infection". Instead of "Suicide".
[100%]Optimizing Vehicle Script. Server performance gain.
[100%]Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Conflict-Survivor] with auto teleportation in camp of team.
[100%]Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Capture the Flag] with auto teleportation in camp of team.
[100%]Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Collect Ressources] with auto teleportation in camp of team.
[100%]Fixed Camera of Observator in [ZwA:Conflict-Survivor] Conflict Survivor
[100%]Fixed error when round is not finished after all team is dead.
[100%]System to Unlock player model by playing and win point in minigame of Zworld.
[100%]Fixed furniture locked with message "One at a time. Wait."
[100%]Fuel Sound distance. Reported by Bily
[100%]Engine destroy when he is hit with battery. Reported by Bily
[100%]Searching/Loading bar when you open furniture
[100%]Add reason of kick: "Change your name" (When this one is disrespectful.)
[100%]Add new Admin function "Send Wiki" on a player (To open the wiki page on his side. When there is new and does not find the wiki.)
[100%][ZwA:Virus-Game]Fixed Infected can not use the Gesture and the voice panel of human.
[100%][ZwA:Virus-Game] Gesture and the voice panel is replaced by "Scream" of infected to call all other infected. When you find human fresh.
[100%]Fixed in Zwa:Virus Switch Team System
[100%]Add New categorie score: Zombie total killed score
[100%]Separate human kill points obtained on PvE and PvP server. In order not to confuse.
[100%]Improvement system of global ban. Can act more quickly.
[100%]Fixed timer warning of the auto-reboot.
[100%]New Skill: **Scavenge.
[100%]Translation of new text components into 21 languages.
[100%]Fixed alterat stat problem in mini-games. (All Glitch know in mini-games is now fixed.)
[100%]Possibility drinking from a lake or river with hands.
[100%]Improve the wood collection system. Also helps to know what tree can be exploited.

Idea Box:
[0%]Level of Account Zworld System
[0%]Big Flashlight more powerfull
[0%]Different cloth
[0%]Sleep System
[0%]Sleep Bag
[0%]Fishing material

certain meuble auront un temps d'ouverture.
Si vous laissez la barre se remplir le meuble s'ouvre silencieusement, si vous voulez aller vite appuyer une deuxième fois sur USE pour l'ouvrir en faisant un peu de bruit.
La compétence de scavenging intervient sur la vitesse de chargement de cette barre.
Plus le level sera haut, plus vite la barre se remplira.
some furniture will have open time.
If you leave the bar to fill the cabinet opens silently, if you want to go quickly press a second time USE to open with a little noise.
The jurisdiction of scavenging occurs on this bar loading speed.
The higher the level is high, the faster the bar will fill.

Last edited by Nordahl on Thu 29 Jan - 17:26; edited 49 times in total
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Bily beer

Bily beer

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PostSubject: Re: Next Update Progress 15.8a    Thu 8 Jan - 11:31

yhééés ça s'annonce bien , du changement en perspective .
Caméaa Mééééé AAAAAAAA :smz:
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PostSubject: Re: Next Update Progress 15.8a    Thu 8 Jan - 17:41

ohoh que des bonnes surprises :)
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PostSubject: Re: Next Update Progress 15.8a    

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Next Update Progress 15.8a
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