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 Update 15.8a

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Update 15.8a Empty
PostSubject: Update 15.8a   Update 15.8a EmptyTue 27 Jan - 6:17

[100%]Improvement Ranking System Click to see DEMO HERE
[100%]Automatic refresh the webpage of rank.

[100%]Optimized Auto Clean Script. Server performance gain.
[100%]Fixed some error related to translation and special character.
[100%]Add Estonian Language
[100%]Update Spanish Language
[100%]Death notification in the console more specific. "Died of hunger, thirst, infection". Instead of "Suicide".
[100%]Optimizing Vehicle Script. Server performance gain.
[100%]Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Conflict-Survivor] with auto teleportation in camp of team.
[100%]Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Capture the Flag] with auto teleportation in camp of team.
[100%]Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Collect Ressources] with auto teleportation in camp of team.
[100%]Fixed Camera of Observator in [ZwA:Conflict-Survivor] Conflict Survivor
[100%]Fixed error when round is not finished after all team is dead.
[100%]System to Unlock player model by playing and win point in minigame of Zworld.
[100%]Fixed furniture locked with message "One at a time. Wait."
[100%]Fuel Sound distance. Reported by Bily
[100%]Engine destroy when he is hit with battery. Reported by Bily
[100%]Searching/Loading bar when you open furniture
[100%]Add reason of kick: "Change your name" (When this one is disrespectful.)
[100%]Add new Admin function "Send Wiki" on a player (To open the wiki page on his side. When there is new and does not find the wiki.)
[100%][ZwA:Virus-Game]Fixed Infected can not use the Gesture and the voice panel of human.
[100%][ZwA:Virus-Game] Gesture and the voice panel is replaced by "Scream" of infected to call all other infected. When you find human fresh.
[100%]Fixed in Zwa:Virus Switch Team System
[100%]Add New categorie score: Zombie total killed score
[100%]Separate human kill points obtained on PvE and PvP server. In order not to confuse.
[100%]Improvement system of global ban. Can act more quickly.
[100%]Fixed timer warning of the auto-reboot.
[100%]New Skill: **Scavenge.
[100%]Translation of new text components into 21 languages.
[100%]Fixed alterat stat problem in mini-games. (All Glitch know in mini-games is now fixed.)
[100%]Possibility drinking from a lake or river with hands.
[100%]Improve the wood collection system. Also helps to know what tree can be exploited.
[100%]New server. Ip does not change. The data is exported.
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Update 15.8a
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