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 Update 16.8a 24 april 2015 00:17 AM (UTC+01:00)

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PostSubject: Update 16.8a 24 april 2015 00:17 AM (UTC+01:00)    Fri 24 Apr - 0:14

[100%]Talkie Walkie

Chat Improvement: Local Chat
[100%]Local is Replaced by Proximity
[100%]Possibility to Whisper (Only player distance 1m can see your whisper)
[100%]Possibility to use Private Message of the Talkie Walkie (Only player on the same frequency can see the message)

[100%]Battrie system for the radio.
[100%]Channel Vocal for the Talkie Walkie (Only player on the same frequency can hear)

[100%]Furniture: Dresser
[100%]Furniture: Endtable
[100%]Furniture: Bin
[100%]Furniture: Waste Container
[100%]Furniture: New Pharmacie Model
[100%]Remove all old pharmacies on 32 maps.
[100%]Replace new pharmacies on 32 maps.

[100%]The system time accumulated on our servers is optimized and corrected.
[100%]Fix: A lua error come by rarely when you die related to the display of your score.
[100%]Fix: Car trunck. Possibility to lock.

[100%]Adminmod: Can see merchand position in the map with the admineyes.
[100%]Changing the probability spawn ammunition. (Rarified)
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Update 16.8a 24 april 2015 00:17 AM (UTC+01:00)
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