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 Update 17.2a 01 juin 2015 07:53 PM (UTC+01:00)

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Update 17.2a 01 juin 2015 07:53 PM (UTC+01:00) Empty
PostSubject: Update 17.2a 01 juin 2015 07:53 PM (UTC+01:00)   Update 17.2a 01 juin 2015 07:53 PM (UTC+01:00) EmptyMon 1 Jun - 7:51

New Open World:
[100%]Place point of extraction on Outercanal, Valley, Bay, Fork

Server Management:
[100%]Improvement of panel of Management.
[100%]More word translated in 23 languages availables on Zworld-Afterlife.
[100%]Viewer system.
[100%]70 Events Music In the play list.
[100%]Use the youtube video link, to generate a music event of the server. All players can hear it. Since the panel of Management F2

[100%]Ability to pay in a different way. Not only PayPal.
[100%]Option to subscribe with AlloPass.
[100%]Option to subscribe with Starpass.
[100%]Status visible Member  donor in the scoreboard.
[100%]Automatic activation of the account and instantly after payment. No more waiting for the automatic activation. No need to find and send the steam ID.

[100%]New music for the Homescreen created by Nordahl.
[100%]Script to include the music in homescreen with fading when menu is close.

Construction: Someone screens: here
[100%]A wood cabin
[100%]Insert in craft list
[100%]Update the wiki
[100%]Insert in construction system
[100%]Add the cabine in System of persistance

Update 17.2a 01 juin 2015 07:53 PM (UTC+01:00) Cabane10

[100%]Database script
[100%]Zombies script

[100%]New detection system: Zombies can break all barricades, regardless the height they are placed.
[100%]You can not climb on the heads of zombies. Now they attack.

[100%]Can find money in searching on the zombies corpse.
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Update 17.2a 01 juin 2015 07:53 PM (UTC+01:00)
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