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 Progress Update 17.6

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Progress Update 17.6 Empty
PostSubject: Progress Update 17.6   Progress Update 17.6 EmptyThu 6 Aug - 18:24

[100%] Set the Fov for the handguns.

Wiki integrated to the game| Wiki Full Fr & En:

[100%] Wiki Français. Par Nordahl.
[100%] English Wiki. By Nordahl.
Progress Update 17.6 Wiki1010

Inventory + Craft:
[100%] New interface.
[100%] Now you can move when the inventory is open.

Progress Update 17.6 Fdc10Campfire:
[100%] Chance rate system for the ignit of campfires.
[100%] 1 News News Paper = Chance rate +50%
[100%] possibility to add paper. 1 Paper = Chance rate +15%
[100%] possibility to add paper money. 1 Paper Money = Chance rate +1% per 10$
[100%] New Interface (screen here)

Patch Progress:
[100%] Fixed instability of the last update of gmod. Client crash on someone map like gm_shamble and others.

[FIXED] Lua Error Know:
[100%] [ERROR] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:204: Tried to use a NULL entity!
  1. GetClass - [C]:-1
   2. v - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:204
    3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

[100%] Support Rank (Guest < Moderator < Admin < Owner < Support < Author)
Support Team= Popkill, Billy, Jeff, Nanaki, Sheo.

Admin, Owner:
[100%] New function in the panel of management, when player have not a realist name you can invit him to change it.
[100%] Button to remove all trees
[100%] Button to remove Grass and Bush
[100%] Improvement of the interface, SCREEN: Link
[100%] Function Return Position after teleport a player
[100%] Function Teleport with the tool
[100%] An admin mod noclip could block a player. It is now not possible. And this allows the invisible admin not interfere.

Avoid certain thing happening again:
[100%] An Owner can not remove itself from the list of Owners.

Selection Survivor:
[100%] Improve Light effect on the models.

[100%] Get 3 Rounds in Zworld-Afterlife: Virus to win the game. (Before 5)
[000%] Timer.

Set the Basic equipment for Minigame: Zworld-Afterlife: Conflict Survior, Capture the Flag, Collect Ressource
[100%] Compass
[100%] Flashlight
[100%] Talkie Walkie
[100%] Mp5 (Magazine (30))
[100%] Beretta (Magazine (15))
[100%] 1 Box of 9mm (60)
[100%] 4 Batteries

Subscription Automatized:
[100%] For 6 Month.
[100%] For 12 Month.

Rental servers:
[100%] Interface.
[100%] Automation of the rental.
[100%] Player can give a Score for the Renter with F2.
[100%] Access Info And Score of Renter (Owner) with F2 if the player is not the admin or moderator he have a special interface, the others in management panel (Tab Owner).
[100%] System of Warning when server is not managed by the dev team.

ScriptFodder: All my scripts
[100%] Support ULX for all script I sell on scriptfodder.
[100%] Update (Whitelist Job system (DarkRP script))

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SteamID64 : 76561198033784269
Posts : 2627

Progress Update 17.6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Progress Update 17.6   Progress Update 17.6 EmptyFri 4 Sep - 2:28

[100%] Banana Tiramisu SpeculoosProgress Update 17.6 1074248-focus
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Progress Update 17.6
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