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 Game breaking bug

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PostSubject: Game breaking bug   Fri 7 Aug - 3:08

Hi, sorry if you guys don't understand this but i do not speak french.

I recently payed for a subscription database in order to allow my charecter to save, it all went well and was having fun till i got infected.

I tried everything to get rid of the infection and even took the pills that are supposed to get rid of it as when i hover over the item i get the option to "cure oneself".

I became frustrated when these did not cure me of the infection and died from the infection which was unfortunate considering i had some really good gear on me which then despawned.

I was wondering if it is intentional that this item which looks like a green box with a white cross on it which is supposed to cure you does not cure you.

Also i would like to know the time it takes for items to disappear because i went to where i died 5 mins later and my items were gone.

Thanks to anyone who replies with any sort of help.
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PostSubject: Re: Game breaking bug   Fri 7 Aug - 12:00


Hello you must stop the infection with antibiotics. Read the wiki please before posting here in Bug / Glitch.

This is not a bug, you use the wrong item.

Best regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Game breaking bug   Fri 7 Aug - 15:24


The pills stop (or block) the infection. This type of pills don't remove the infection, so if you are hitten by a zombie again, the infection restart.

Thank to you to understand.
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Game breaking bug
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