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 [EN] Rules Official Game Servers / Admins / Owners / Renters / User

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PostSubject: [EN] Rules Official Game Servers / Admins / Owners / Renters / User   Thu 8 Oct - 13:10

*Note yet TRANSLATEDSummary:

  • A) Members
  • B) Admins & Moderator
  • C) On the Whitelisted Servers

A) Members:

  • 1- Players who have a bad character or contemptuous to the point of harming the general atmosphere have nothing to do here.
  • 2- Do not exploit bugs. You can be banned for "Abuse".

B) Administrators & Moderators:

  • 1 - No resources will be given by moderators/admins. Except for an Event/Server or compensation as a result of technical problems.
  • 2 - A report is mandatory when banning or adding a temporary administrator.
  • 3 - Do not harass the Zworld-Afterlife author.
  • 4 - You are an Administrator on the Zworld-Afterlife officials servers. I count on you to be mature.
  • 5 - You have to take care of the good atmosphere of the server.
  • 6 - You want to organise an event on the server? Firstly, talk about it on the forum.
  • 7 - I will not tolerate any lack of respect for another administrator nor a simple member.
  • 8 - Presentation is compulsory.
  • 9 - Is regarded as serious misconduct: all abuse, total or partial of the rights of the administration.
    Any breach of this rule will result in a dissolution of the administrator power on the person concerned and will be followed by a permanent ban.
  • 10 - We are a Team, I consider admins and moderators as a member of the staff. Act as such.
  • 11 - Presence on the Teamspeak is required.
  • 12 - On PvP servers, the administrators do not have the right to unite against the players. Unless the players already present are warned and agree.
  • 13 - If you have a problem between Admins, solve your different in private and not on public channels. You could be sanctioned in that case.
  • 14 - No VAC banned among the moderators and administrators. Why? It is most of the time, players with a lack of power or recognition. Imagine the fate of a loyal player if the server would be moderated by a cheater.
  • 15 - It is Forbidden to modify the look of the gameplay or changing the map in a rented server for your personal use. Rented servers "does not belong to you!". I view this as a big negligence to take liberties without notifying the owner(s).
  • 16 - We recall that each administrators must be impartial and unobtrusive.
    The same goes for its actions.

C) On the Whitelisted Servers :

  • 1-The servers in Whitelist are role-play servers  where the players play into the skin of their character with the real anguish of dying, and by creating hit history.
  • 2 - The rules of the PvE servers with the Whitelist: The servers running the System Whitelist PvE servers are 100% co-operation taking place in the good atmosphere. In which you will not need to fear the humans. The players are there for an easy walk, making construction, fishing, farming...
  • 3 - The rules of the PvP servers with the Whitelist:: Shooting on sight is prohibited.
  • 4 - PvP is allowed on the server only when it fits into a RolePlay context .
  • 5 - A non Roleplay behavior may be subject to penalties, Or even a temporary/permanent ban depending on the case.
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SteamID64 : 76561198033784269
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PostSubject: Re: [EN] Rules Official Game Servers / Admins / Owners / Renters / User   Fri 13 Jul - 2:50

The new rules are here : https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/doc/rules
All I made on this forum is outdated.
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[EN] Rules Official Game Servers / Admins / Owners / Renters / User
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