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 Update 18.0a 10 November 2015 05:15 AM (UTC+01:00)

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PostSubject: Update 18.0a 10 November 2015 05:15 AM (UTC+01:00)    Tue 10 Nov - 5:15

-Possibility To Wake up a friend.
-The energy drinks restores 50% of stamina. 10% of the stripping bar.
-[Fix]Overlapping music. Event & Ambience:(When the music of events are launched by the admins, the original ambience music is muted.)
-New article about the story of Zworld-Afterlife in the Z-Time (4 Janvier/January 4)
-Korean translation By Refirser[서버온]
-Major optimization of vehicle seat systems.
-[Fix] Easier to find the position of the seats to sit.
-Creating entities for urban areas. To sleep or take a nap.

-Place bed and armchair entity in house of on all the maps (They are 30 maps)
-The car battery will discharge when using the headlights.

-Heating in the car

-Add Hazard lights [car]

-Icon of status effect left midfielder position. You can not miss them.
-Generator System + Icon

-Connect lamp on the car batterie
-Charge the energie of the car batterie with the generator

-Add 2 Closed Sleeping Bag

-Add 2 Deployed Sleeping Bag

-Add new tool for the maintenance of engines, the screwdriver.

-Generator can be broken
-Repair the Generator +25% (Pipe + 4 Metal plate + Ductape)
-Repair the Generator +5% (Screwdriver + Hose)
-Repair the Engine of the vehicle +25% (Pipe + 4 Metal plate + Ductape)
-Repair the Engine of the vehicle +5% (Screwdriver + Hose)
-Translation in 21 languages the word of the interfaces.
-Enable the skill "engineering"
-Level up System for the skill "engineering"
-Light Optimization
-New Jerrycan

-Optimizing performance script of fuel in all system use it.
-New Spawn Menu (Menu F3)
-Use the cloth to dry.
-Optimization of transmission scripts damage to the engine. Many processes for nothing. The result is the same but with less computation.
-New access system to the vehicle parts
-Put new loot in auto-loot system
-Knocking on doors and making noise check if a zombie is on the other side
-"-Press E-". It appears fluently. And only if you are close to the object you are targeting
-28 News music Event in Admin Panel (F2)

  • Website & Forum:

-Merge of French and English forums. Migrating data to the French forum. Centralizing Forum enables me to manage more easily. That is why you see little flags now.
-Update the French Wiki.
-Update the English Wiki.
-To do list system more Intuitive on the website

-Icone for Scriptfodder, facebook and Todolist

-New banner and Gradient style

-Add English Wiki for generator lamp and new function of batterie: Link here
-Add French Wiki for generator lamp and new function of batterie: Link here
-Add English Wiki for the system of repair: Link Here
-Add French Wiki for the system of repair: Link Here
-Update Wiki on the consummable: Link Here
-Forum F.A.Q

  • Error of Script fixed



[ERROR] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/joueur/sv_inventaire.lua:625: bad argument #1 to 'GiveAmmo' (number expected, got nil)
1. GiveAmmo - [C]:-1
2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/joueur/sv_inventaire.lua:625
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54
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Joris Parent

Joris Parent

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PostSubject: Re: Update 18.0a 10 November 2015 05:15 AM (UTC+01:00)    Tue 10 Nov - 16:47

GG nordhal 18.a :undecided:
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Update 18.0a 10 November 2015 05:15 AM (UTC+01:00)
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