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Pootis Bird

Pootis Bird

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PostSubject: Voice Message   Voice Message EmptySun 27 Mar - 12:33

Recording 1:
*car start up*
Voice 1: Hey what's going on, Where are we going?
Voice 2: News said there was a riot going on near our parents house, We need to check if they are okay.
Voice 1: Alright but i'm driving, I know how horrible you are at driving.
Voice 2: Hah very funny lets just go I am getting worried.
*end of recording*

Recording 2:
*car driving sounds*
Voice 2: Do you think Mum and Dad are okay?
Voice 1: Don't worry they will be alright, Dad knows what to do if someone breaks in the house.
Voice 2: Yeah *coughs*
Voice 1: You look a bit pale, Is everything alright?
Voice 2: Rebecca I need to tell you something, On my way home I got........OH GOD WATCH OUT!
*crash sounds are heard along with a loud static*
*end of recording*

Recording 3:
*static is heard along with moaning sounds*
Voice 1 (Rebecca): What the hell, Lilly where are you, Lilly! Ahh my leg!
*running sounds can be heard*
Voice 1 (Rebecca): What the hell are thoes things, Lilly god damnit where are you!
Voice 1 (Rebecca): Oh god the car.
*explosion is heard*
*recording stop*

It's uknown what happened to Lilly or Rebecca but there is a chance they are still alive or mabye not.
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PostSubject: Re: Voice Message   Voice Message EmptyThu 31 Mar - 0:07

Creative means of documenting - I like it, as well as the cliffhanger on the end. Do we ever get to find out their fate? Or does that lie beneath the imagination of the reader?
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PostSubject: Re: Voice Message   Voice Message EmptyThu 31 Mar - 0:35

I like it. :)
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Voice Message
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