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 Diary of Ethan Tzik

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Diary of Ethan Tzik Empty
PostSubject: Diary of Ethan Tzik   Diary of Ethan Tzik EmptyThu 31 Mar - 1:40

Day 1

So, hello new diary! You were quite expensive, with the lock and all. Eh, alright. So, theres been some things on the news about, riots, or whatever? Eh. I dont think anythings goin~.ds,

Day 2

This isint what I expected.. Ms.Green is hittin at our door,
dads getting the shotgun i dont know why
fuck i gotta go

Day 4.

What day is it.. I dont know..
Dad ran out for supplies.. i havent seen him in days.
Mom is going crazy and lilly is sleeping..
Please god, help us.

Day 46. Its been so long.. Lilly is with me, but mom and dad are gone.. I saw them on 6th street.
I think we found a place, its a nice place. But its armored on the outside and so many supplies on this inside..
Should we stay?
I dont know.

Day 60. Its been two months since the outbreak. I found this car
It works, but the highways are blocked by smashed humvee's and ive seen alot of tanks.
How could the military fail, they have the tanks and machine guns...
Wait.. what is that

*The rest of the pages are blank
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Diary of Ethan Tzik
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