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 Tsutomu Yamaguchi Diary

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PostSubject: Tsutomu Yamaguchi Diary   Tsutomu Yamaguchi Diary EmptySat 23 Apr - 11:55

The leather book cover would be brown and dusted with no text or graphics. The pages have that really crisp, oddly satisfying smell, some of the pages are torn, and everything is written in Japanese writing.

My name is Tsutomu Yamaguchi. I'm currently moving from Tokyo to the United States with my sister Mika. We are moving out, because of a plague that hit us. My mum just died from it. My boss offered me a position by the Great Lakes, so I took it. Were on the plane. All the passangers are Japanese, but the pilots are American, and they're Japanese is horrible. We can barely understand them. Its going to be a long flight so I'm just going to get some rest for now.

Its day 1, and I'm in Minnesota. Snow is falling down hard, and I'm in a taxi. Its the middle of my night, and I'm struggling to keep myself awake. We're quite hungry, since we didn't really eat much at the airport. I'm not entirely used to the food here, but its okay I guess. Its way to fattening, that's for sure.

Day 2, in Evocity. Its a nice place. I got myself a nice home by this beautiful lake. Have my own fishing dock and car and everything. But things are weirder then I thought. The disease has spread around pretty much everywhere in the world by now, and people are really on edge about it... Which I can understand... I'm not exactly sure what it is though. You start off with a fever and get nauseas, then you start to experience seizures and just lose your mental control.

Day 5.... Rough week... My boss is dead... The disease killed him.... Everyone is panicking. I couldn't sleep last night because all I heard was sirens and helicopters. The news showed a squad of police attacking this homeless man in California, and everyone rioting. What the hell is going on? I haven't been to work ever since my boss died. Nobody has. Everybody has been getting ready for some type of apocalypse. My neighbor even bought me a whole thing of water and canned food. What the fuck am I going to use this shit for? What, are aliens attacking us? Are we being nuked by North Korea?

Day 6. I ran out of rice. I went to the store and everyone was going crazy. People were grabbing things off the shelf and running out of the store. I knew I was wrong. North Koreans probably are attacking. I took some water, food, and rice. I thought to myself... Theres no cashiers. Everyone is taking shit and ditching. I'm kind of the only Asian person in the city so I'm the only one who cares about a bag of rice? I took around 5 bags, took some canned foods, and left. Nobody said anything. Nobody cared.

Then something happened, and I swear I will never forget it.

I was backed up in traffic, and everyone was going insane. People were running into other cars, trying to get through. Everyone was honking horns, and there were police and helicopters and paramedics. The next second, you hear a bunch of gunshots and everyone starts panicking. The guy infront of me got out of his car, left his car door open, and went into his trunk. Took out a fucking shotgun! I gave him this look. He just nodded his head, and ran on top of his car. He aimed his shotgun, and started to open fire. I have no idea what he was shooting. All I could hear were shotgun blasts. I turned my head for one second, and the next thing I heard was a gunshot from a distance, and the guy with the shotgun was dead under his car.
I started freaking out, but I couldn't move. People up ahead of me started to ditch they're cars, running the other direction, screaming. I noticed a lot of people had guns. So I opened my door, and ran infront of my car. I picked out the shotgun the man had. I looked at his face.    His face showed terror. He wasn't breathing. It was terrifying. My heart was pounding outside of my chest. I snapped back to reality, as I heard another gunshot, this time, a lot closer. The cars behind me were backing out. I rushed into my car, and turned it around, driving the opposite direction of the highway. I know of another way home, but I have to go close to the city which I knew might be bad, but I couldn't go back there. I was driving at full speed, dodging abandoned cars. I finally made it onto the road which wasn't so backed up, yet there was still a lot of people driving on it. More then normal. Some people were driving backwards, and had to turn around off the road, so they can drive normally.

I made it onto another highway, one that goes above the ground. It circles the city, and of coarse it was backed up. The shotgun is laying in the passanger seat. It probably has like 2 bullets left. I was honestly afraid to use it. Today was the first day in my life I even touched a gun before, and I feel like its going to be handy pretty soon. As I approached the top of the highway, I was stopped. I was on the side of the highway, and traffic was moving very slow... But atleast it was moving. I ended up driving on the opposite side of the road. The other side of the road isn't moving at all. Most of the cars are completely empty of any forms of life... The rest.. I can't even explain... Its terrifying... Theyre faces were disordered and they were screaming.. Scratching the inside of theyre own car window.. It was inhumane.... I looked in the other direction... The city... It was complete chaos... There were crowds of people throwing molotovs, destroying cars and windows.. Breaking into buildings... There was SWAT team and helicopters... I even saw a few tanks... It was chaotic and terrifying. People were shooting, and even a military helicopter were firing. Smoke was rising from the streets, turning a beautiful sunny day into your worst nightmare.

I managed to get through the traffic, and made my way home. Mika cooked dinner, and we just sat down, watching the news until we passed out at around 11 pm....
Long day... Longer day tomorrow...

Day 7. Woke up with a lovely surprise. No electricity. Mika was already going crazy. It had also been raining a bit. So were just sitting in a dark house listening to the soothing sounds of light rain pound on the roof top, processing whats going on. I looked through the window. My neighbors were boarding up theyre house. They noticed me. I waved awkwardly, and he gave me a nice smile, waving back. He was a tall white man, brown hair, blue eyes. He was wearing a white sweatervest. A few moments later, he walked out, and approached my front door. I opened it, and we greeted each other, shook hands... Something I'm not used to doing. He could barely understand me, but we managed to communicate. I told him about what I experienced yesterday, and checked out my shotgun. It only had 2 bullets like I predicted. He had a shotgun that used the same ammo himself. He rushed in his house and came back out with a large box. It was full of ammunition. Said I will need it. The infected are turning into some type of blood thirsty monsters, and I will turn into one of them if I get bitten. I remember seeing a movie about something like this. Really old movie. He started explaining things about the Infected, and I started freaking out a bit. We had a long conversation, and eventually returned into our homes. The whole rest of the day, I just read and wrote in my diary, which will probably become more interesting.....
This is an apocalypse... I'm getting ready to live in a whole new world...

Day 21. I'm surprised I managed to keep up with the dates... I cried all the water out of my body... Everyone around me is dead... Theres no life.... Just the god damn infected. They all fucking turned! My sister turned into one of them and I had to kill her for my own sake of survival... Watching my sister die infront of my own eyes, and being forced to shoot her corpse is just unbearable for me. I dont even have the right words to describe this. All I ever wanted to do in my life was to be a successful business man, working with the government, like I had been in Japan. Now I'm looting buildings and scavenging for ammo and food. Killing the infected. It's a job for me now. Its my only reason why I wake up in the morning and feed myself. Al-/

Day 34. Well I wanted to finish writing after I was raided by the infeacted but I just couldn't. Its been.... A long time..... I'm not even sure if this is day 34.... Ive changed.... Moving into this god damn country changed me! This is fucking bullshit! Why does this have to happen to me? I prayed every night and things only get worse! IM SICK OF LIVING IN THIS GOD DAMN SHIT HOLE! MY WHOLE LIFE LEADS UP TO ME DOING NOTHING BUT SCAVANGING FOR ROTTEN FOOD AND SHOOTING CORPSES!

Day Something. Don't know.... This is my life now... I'm just pacing around my house.... Middle of the night.... The sirens just went off and now the runners are out.... I meet someone today. On the radio. I switched through frequencies... Using up my batteries. Some man. Hes with a group of three in a village surrounded by mountains. Off the highway he said... Had a long talk with him.. It was nice to have more of a civil conversation with a live human being for the first time this year. I took a nap. Woke up and we arranged plans. I got in my car, and  drove through the post-apocalyptic forest land. Driving through rusted abandonded cars... Dead bodies... Loot scattered over the roads... Theres this man hiding behind a desk... I'm trying to pass through this fortified road... Is he the gu

There would be nothing else written.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsutomu Yamaguchi Diary   Tsutomu Yamaguchi Diary EmptySat 23 Apr - 22:15

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Tsutomu Yamaguchi Diary
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