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 My Afterlife

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PostSubject: My Afterlife   My Afterlife EmptySun 24 Apr - 6:39

The book cover would be red painted leather, and in a dusty coloured gold, wrote "My Afterlife" with Japanese symbols under the title. Everything would be written in cursive English writing.

[I am updating this every day I play on the server]

September 3. I got a watch. I lost track of days when I was writing in my old diary. I lost it in a fire fight. I was driving to this "village in the mountains" when this asshole shot my car. My car broke down, and he approached me with his shotgun. I pulled out my own shotgun and stepped out, almost immediately firing. He fired back, shot my left arm. There was nothing else I could do. I dropped my gun, and put my hands in the air, backing off from the car. I could barely even move my left arm, but I was lucky. He could've shot my whole arm off. He could've shot me when I pussied out and ran back home. I knew going down that route is dangerous. It was the old fortified road leading to the hospital. I made it home safely and was able to heal my arm. It wasn't that bad. A lot of bleeding, and a few of the pellets went through my arm completely. But all I did was wrap a bandage around it, and it was a lot better after 3 days. I took the bandage off on the 5th day, and all that's left is a large ugly mark.

My name is Tsutomu Yamaguchi. As I explained in my old diary... That's somewhere.... I was born and raised in Japan. Well born in Kyoto, but raised in the modern life of Tokyo. The plague swept into east Asia, and my mother died from it. My boss offered me a position in Evocity, so I took it. My sister Mika didn't have a job herself, so we both moved into a nice home by the lake in Evocity. It was hard for my to get used to the English language, but I managed to get it right. The plague came to the states, and the outbreak happened. Few days later, my sister became one with the infected. Now I live alone. Alone in my neighborhood, alone in my city. Not entirely alone. I seemed to make some friends for once. My friend Jacob had a nice working car. Usually I invited him in my house. I only stay in my house when its raining, when I'm waiting for the day, or when I'm sleeping. I usually sleep alone, but I try getting him to guard me while I sleep. I dont think he likes that idea. He always sleeps when I sleep. So anyone can come in while were sleeping and slit our throats. Then we met Ben. Jacob knew him before I did. We seemed to lose Jacob, so me and Ben grouped up. We were looting some houses today, and he got bit. I tried finding him something to heal him with, but there was nothing I could find. He held me at gunpoint, asking me for medkits and I said I had none. He would've probably shot me if I didn't remind him how close we were to the hospital. We tried getting one of the cars up and running, but it didn't work. So we ran there. I gave him money so he can pay the man for the cure. It was 50 dollars, but it was worth not seeing someone else die. We went to the suburbs, and the sirens went on. There were a couple of runners chasing us, and we met up with someone else. Bens friend, Jack. Helped us kill the infected, and we stuck around in the neighborhood.

Something crazy happened the next morning. It shook me. Jacob came back, and we all drove in his car into a distant neighborhood. We had planned to go to the city as a group of 4. Unfortunately, Jack and Ben wanted to part ways. The thing is, Jack and Ben knew what they were doing, but I dont trust them as much as Jacob. I decided I will just think about it. I looted some of the houses, and coming back out. The first thing I see is Jacob running over Ben. I dont know what happened. He said it was an accident, but didn't seem to care. Jack was also gone. I checked Bens pulse. He was definitely dead. I shot his corpses in the head so he doesn't turn. I wouldn't want that. I took his ammo, and hopped in the car with Jacob. I felt sorry, and lost a bit of trust from Jacob. We drove in the downtown, hoping to get a lot of loot. We switched spots, because I know the city better. I drove around this one street, to a little surprise. 2 bandits with shotgun, who weren't in a good mood. I stomped on the peddle, looking behind the car, seeing them shooting at us. They missed every shot. I ended up crashing the car in the tunnel leading outside of the city, and Jacob had to repair it. He said it was fine. The car was on the urge to breaking down anyways. We got out of the car. I was standing on top of the car with my shotgun ready to open fire on those damn bandits while Jacob repaired the engine. To my luck, they were either REALLY slow, or just decided to forget about it, since they though were probably outside the whole city by now. Jacob ended up driving instead since I'm just too Asian to drive. Nothing else really happened after that. Looted a factory, went back home, hit the sack.

September 7. I did something for the first time. Something everyone does. It's been like 50 days since the outbreak and this is my first time doing this. It wasn't easy for me. Everyone knows me as that one friendly dude who might give you a medkit or something. Today wasn't the case. This moment was one of the worsts in my life, and it seems like nothing to other people. I was driving home, and my ignorant self decided to take the shorter route. The old fortified road. The one where I ended up in a fire fight at the last page of my old diary. I knew by heart. This wasn't a safe road. I took it anyways. I was almost home, when on the road were 3 innocent survivors. I wasn't paying attention, until I looked at one of the survivors. He was pointing a shotgun at me. I freaked out, and pulled the steering wheel down, running them over. My car stopped and the only thing I saw were 2 innocent survivors. Air-born above my car, covering my windshield in blood. I immediately jumped out of my car, and starred at they're bodies. They lied there emotionless. I heard another voice in the bushes. He was angry. I pulled out my shotgun and the last thing I see was an angered man with a military pistol at my head. Before he could even see me, I pulled the trigger, sending a shotgun shell in his face. His whole head was gone. I stood there for at least a minute. Just processing what happened. I heard a gunshot in the distance. So I took all they're guns and food, and hopped in my car, driving off.

Jacob was gone of coarse, but I still had the car. I ate some of the food, and took the ammunition out of the guns, storing the guns in a locker. It started raining after that, so I stuck in my house the rest of the day, just reading. Sitting on the docks. It was a short, yet long day, and I didn't get much sleep last night. So I passed out after writing in my journal.

December 9, a year later. Since I forgot what year it is. I look back at the first time I killed someone like it was nothing. They're friends chased me out of the city. I stayed in this remote cabin in the woods, stuck under snow for the whole winter. It was a small cozy little vacation cabin, with a basement kind of thing. The basement is full of food and water that could last me years. I didn't have to walk out of the house for years! At least I thought.

I basically spent my whole winter in this cabin, and I had time to write, and read, and think, and sleep. I was still scared someone would just break through the doors and slit my throat while I was asleep or just not paying attention, but it was in the remote woods, by a small pond. I was introduced to ice fishing by some of the books I read. I went out to the frozen pond, set a little stool, and carved a hole through the ice. I dropped the fishing rod in, with a little worm on the end of the hook, and sure enough, it actually worked! I got a nice large beautiful fish, was orange and yellowish I think. I gut it, cooked the meat, used the guts as bait, and it eventually became a hobby.

As spring came around the corner, I thought it was safe to leave the house. I hiked to a near by village, for some loot. I found a nice automatic rifle, and a machine gun pistol looking thing. I think it's the M16 or M4A something. I was a bit short shotgun on ammo, and I found a whole box of this stuff, so I brought it home along with some more food and some Sake I found, which is just Japanese liquor. I decided it might be fun to use up the rest of my shotgun ammo with some American hobbies. I started hunting deer. There was this American survival cook book I had, that showed how to properly cook deer and other stuff like the fish I caught. For a long long time, I was living peacefully in this little remote cabin with plenty of food and water... Then fall came around, and things weren't so perfect all the sudden.

October. I was beginning to run out of water, so I used this water filter bottle I found on the pond. Sure enough, a filter wasn't enough to stop me from getting sick. I first noticed I became sick when I started to sweat at unusual times. Then I was always very warm, and eventually I started puking, and always felt thirsty. I went to a pharmacist, and just took literally everything inside. There was a few books and manuals that helped me find out which medicines I needed to use. It wasn't till November when I was completely healthy again. By then, I just about drank up all my water, and was out in the town scavenging for more. I found more of that medicine I used to help my sickness, so I decided to try the pond again. I used a bunch of techniques to filter the water. First, I filtered it with a wool jacket I found in the clothing store. Then I used that sand and gravel technique, then I boiled it, and put it in one of those new filter bottles, and it was fine.

Sometime during mid December, I was going through the town looking for a car that I wanted so I could go farther then this small little town. I found this nice orange Sudan. It looked so good, it almost seemed out of place.. In fact it was very out of place. I checked inside the car, and sure enough, this wasn't here before. All the doors were locked. I picked up a few stones on the side of the road, and threw it through the passenger window. Glass shattered making a loud obnoxious sound, then following a loud car alarm, that broke the silence through the whole town. I jumped through the window, trying to avoid the broken glass all over the seat, and hopped in the driver seat. Then I realized my mistake. The car keys weren't there. That's when I noticed the car had been parked right outside a police station, and the front doors burst open. I only saw 2 black men with Russian machine guns. I unlocked the car door, and kicked it open, falling out of the vehicle. I could hear the footsteps behind me. I ran as fast as I could until I eventually ran out of the town and into the woods. The feet behind me stopped, but I didn't stop running. I would've been dead if I stopped. Before I could think whether or not to stop or turn around, a loud noise, that sounded like a small explosion bursting right behind my back, and I could hear something fly past me at the speed of light. They were shooting at me. Probably with they're machine guns. I tripped over a tree root, falling flat on my face, and I barely had time to react, when I heard another gunshot, but this one was a lot closer. I pulled out my machine gun. I tried to refuse myself not to, and just continue running, but I couldn't control myself. It was like a reflex, I can't force myself to do anything different. I didn't really aim, I just closed my eyes and held the trigger until I heard a clicking noise over the ringing in my ears that told me the magazine was empty. I opened my eyes. I couldn't see anything but light smoke that rose from the barrel of my gun and the ground. I rolled over, and used the tree as support to help me get back on my feet. I wiped my face with the back of my wrist, dropping my gun on the tree roots, and I just raised my hands above my head, asking for a surrender rather then a shootout. I sat there, waiting for something to happen, whether it was another voice or a shot to the face. I screamed for mercy, even though I wasn't in a lot of pain. I could feel blood and dirt on my face, and it stung pretty badly. After all, I do just look like some wimpy little Asian kid, and that's all I thought I was.. Well I am way to old to call myself a kid, but I'm still skin and bones. For what seemed like an hour, I refused to move. I dropped my arms, and let out a sigh, starring off into the distance. Did I kill them? Did they just run? Or are they just waiting for the weirdest time to shoot back? Then I thought they were giving me a chance to run. I snapped, like I just woke up from a bad dream, and grabbed my gun, running off. I made a half circle around the town, and hit the road, running back to the trail. I swear, I always run away from everything, and when I make it back to base, everything is all good and safe. Except this time, when I made it back to base... Base was on fire...

January. All I could save from the fire is the gear I had with me. I still have no idea what caused it. I'm back in Evocity, in my real old home. Jacob is dead, and everyone else I knew before I ran away is dead. Jacob was killed by a group of bandits. Remember those people I killed? They had a base they were heading too when I killed them, and those people killed Jacob in return. They're still after me, so I willn't be surprised if I die tonight or anytime soon.

I found a working car. Not as beautiful as that Sedan I saw that almost got me killed, but it still worked. I drove to this little old village looking place surrounded by trees and hills. Maybe this is that "Xiang Wu-Tang" everyone was talking about (Village in the mountains). It had been raining hard, and it just turned night. It was a long road back, so I decided to stay in this little house. I chopped down some wood, and made a little fire. I set up my sleeping bag by the fire, and crawled in, looking through the foggy windows as rain water dripped from the glass, to the mud puddle surrounding the abandoned home, and I began slowly losing consciousness. It felt like My eyes had been closed for only a second, when I woke up. The room was brighter, it was morning. The sound of rain pounding on the roof was gone, and snow was falling instead. My fire has died down to nothing but ash. I crawled out of my sleeping bag, and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed some drinks and a small meal. After I ate, I began rolling up my sleeping bag. Just when I least expected it, I heard a creaking noise. I looked up to an open door, seeing a man with a white shirt holding an ax like some kind of murder weapon. I jumped up to my feet, with my gun in my hand, and it took one shot to the neck. He jumped back, losing balance, and hit the back of his head on the support beam behind him, causing him to fall face first in the snow. His ax had dropped behind him. He was motionless. At first, I thought his hair was red, but nope. It was just blood. Great. I slammed the door behind me, and continued to roll my sleeping bag almost like nothing happened. I stuffed the bag in my backpack, and grabbed by gun, ready to leave. I opened the door, and there was an infected right in front of the doorway, outside. I had to waste another bullet to get out, when I could've just thrown his body away or something when he was dead. I started to drive to the city, when in the tunnel were two armed men. I pulled the brakes, and jumped out of my car, not even bothering to turn off the engine. I raised my gun and aimed for the first person. 5 shots, and he's down. The other man with a bright green shirt, pointing his gun at me and started shooting rapid fire bullets in my direction. He must've been cold or scared. I could see him shaking. I ran behind a car, dodging bullets, and poked my head up from behind the hood, with my gun. He popped up behind a distant car, and we both started to open fire. I shot him at least 2 times in the leg. He fell down behind the car, and I ran out from behind. He popped out from the front of the car, and started shooting again, with me shooting back. He shot my foot, and I fell on my side, still shooting at his direction. He began running closer to me, and I dropped my rifle, and took out my pistol, shooting him as he was running by, and he shot my arm, I shot his chest and shoulder. I ran behind another broken car, and he was behind a car that was in front of the one I was in. I poked my head above the car, and he was there ready to fire, when I held the trigger, and kept my gun from flying out of my hands. I saw blood splat on the wall behind him, and I hopped out from behind the car, and where the guy was. He was laying on his back with his gun raised to my chest, and he could've killed me if I didn't shoot him in the face. Sweat dripped from my forehead to the concrete ground. I took they're food and ammunition, and walked towards my car, ready to leave, when I saw another armed man walking towards me, ready to kill. I didn't hesitate when I held the trigger, and he ran into a bush on the outside of the tunnel. He was shooting at me with a semi-automatic rifle or shotgun. I didn't run behind any car. I just ran straight into his direction, shooting him as he tried to return fire. He ran behind a car outside on the side of the road between two buildings. He was cornered. He began screaming something in Russian, as we continued to fire back. I couldn't translate anything except for "bitch". He was speaking a lot of Russian. I stepped back, and ran towards the car at full speed, jumping right before crashing into it, and next thing you know I was on top of the vehicle, with my pistol. I shot a few times, and when the smoke cleared, he was just another lifeless body. He didn't have as much loot as everyone else did. I turned around, still behind the car, and saw 2 more people running my direction. They were unarmed and speaking Russian. Must've been friends. I killed them both, and didn't even bother checking them for loot. I hopped in the car, and drove towards the house. In the middle of the road were two more people. I stepped on the peddle, and ran one of them over, which almost felt like a sorry little accident. I stopped my car, broke through the door with my gun. He was already shooting at my direction. I hid behind my car, and started shooting, taking cover everytime I reloaded. I poked my head out from behind the car, and the man was hiding in the bush with his shotgun. He fired, and I could hear the bullets fly past me. I held the trigger, and just shot the whole bush. I ripped the magazine out of my gun, and replaced it with a new one, running out from behind the car, seeing him on the dirt. I wasn't exactly sure if he was dead. I took out my pistol, and bent over to his face, with the barrel on his forehead, and pulled the trigger once. Blood splashed from his face, all over my gun and clothes. I took both of they're food and ammo, and drove the rest of the way home. I just murdered 8 people. I felt sick. I don't know what got into me... I just became a crazy serial killer all the sudden... I wanted to cry, but I didn't. I just stood there with the fire going in my house, while the sun dropped below the horizon, engulfing the city into darkness. I just laid on my bed, and waited until the next day....


October, later that year. I suffered a bad summer. I didn't find time to write in my journal, and now it's almost winter again, and here I am. Haven't touched a pencil in almost a year. Life is so short, but it's so long. It's mysterious. Nobody and nothing can predict what will happen to you in the next 2 weeks. Why am I just now noticing this? I lost track of murders. I heard some people used to tattoo a tear under they're eye for how ever many people they killed. If I had a tear for every person I killed, you wouldn't be able to see the left side of my face. I don't regret what I do, I only do it because I want to live, and this is only reality.

Early this year, I was constantly on my feet. My friends have died, and I was being chased. I went through my house, packed up all my belongings, and started heading north. I thought if I headed south, their would be a lot more running into trouble. I wanted to live alone in isolation in the Canadian wilderness, that was my plan. I stopped through small towns, and stripped them clean. I stopped by at this one town... It looked like it had been a beautiful place to be, before the outbreak. Now bodies litter the streets, abandoned cars flipped over on the sidewalks and middle of the road, with the windows smashed in, bullet holes pierced through the doors, and rotting corpses, decaying inside some of the vehicles. Looked like someone was here before. I could hear the infected walking around aimlessly, moaning and groaning eagerly waiting for something to bite on. I saw a few of them dragging they're feet around in between some buildings, but it sounded like their were a lot more. I drove my car in the middle of the road, just around the entrance of the short town up the main road, and reached over for my shotgun. I pushed the car door open, and stepped outside my vehicle, standing up to my feet with the shotgun hanging from the strap over my shoulders. I set my hand over the opened car door, and quietly pushed it closed, and set my arm under the stock of my shotgun, grasping the handle, and supporting it up to my shoulders with my left hand on the pump, and I begin to shuffle over to a little pub, on the right side of the main street, observing my area cautiously with the shotgun up to my shoulders, and my finger on the trigger. As I stepped onto the sidewalk, I looked directly at the pub, staring through the dirty marked windows looking for any signs of life, while my shotgun along with the rest of my body aimed up the sidewalk, in the direction of where I believe I'm hearing the noise. I quickly turn my head to my left side, seeing the rest of the deserted town on the left side of the road. Not much to see, but it's definitely a good place to get shot from. I then turn my head straight, and continue walking, in the direction, this time a little faster. As I pass by the individual buildings, I check the alleys in between them. As I begin to approach another street up ahead of me, I look down an alleyway in between a corner street building, and see an infected, walking around the corner, behind the building, and out of sight. I only noticed how I hear more infected, and I can confirm it was coming from Pine St., the street the intercepts the main road. I look at the corner street building, a 2 story restaurant called "Joe's Burgers", written in bold red print on the windows. There appeared to be 2 large windows, one facing the main street, other facing Pine St. Both windows were fogged up, marked with dirty hand prints and blood, and inside was dark. I only got a glimpse of the other side of the street, to what looked like a whole party of infected. They seemed to be surrounding something... I thought quickly.. Should I investigate? Are they just there, or are they doing something? Maybe someone just died there. I don't often see a group of infected all in one small area like that, so their has to be something going on. Maybe someone just died, and they had good gear. Or someone is still alive, and in need of help. I swiped the thoughts out of my head, and snapped back to reality. Now I'm pumped up with energy, and ready to get into some action. I turned my back to the alley, in between Joe's and the post office right next to it, and swept in quickly, stepping on my heels to suppress the sounds of my footsteps, and I turned over, metal door with a rusty knob, and a lock just above it. I lowered by gun to my side, finger off the trigger, and quickly pressed my hand down the knob. It was locked. What a surprise. I reached in my pocket, to take out a bobby pin, and stuck it in the knob. I remember reading something about this, and practicing it a few times. Usually the pin would brake, but eventually get it open. I found some little boxes full of pins and clips, and I thought it would be just perfect. I fiddled with the pin, looking around my area cautiously, until I heard a small snap. I looked over at the pin, and moved my hand up away from the door, where I had my fingers pinched around the end of the pin. It snapped in half, and the other part of it was still in the door. I flicked the small broken piece of now useless metal out of my hands, and stuck my fingers into the lock, where the rest of the pin was, and started to fiddle with it again, and then I heard a click. The door was unlocked. I ripped the broken pin out of the lock, and dropped it to the wet concrete alley-floor, and raised my gun back to my shoulders. I positioned by the left side of the door, and quickly pulled the door knob, and creaked it open, just so it was only outside of the frame. I paused for a second, quickly taking a deep breath. I turned around, gun still aiming at the door beside me, and double checked my surroundings, before turning back. I placed my finger tips of the door, and counted down to three, nodding my head as each second past. I quickly pushed the door open, and ripped my hand back out from the doorway, and on my pump of my shotgun. As soon as the door creaked all the way open, I heard it hit something behind the opening of the door, and I heard an odd sound, like something being launched from a string. As soon as I heard it, something went flying by my face, and I backed away from the door, to look at the other side of the alleyway, seeing an arrow had just hit the wall, and was stuck in between 2 bricks. If I was standing in front of that door when I opened it, I would've died. It's a good thing that I breached it instead of just walking in like an idiot. I remember sitting there, on the wall, still ready to fire, for at least 10 seconds. I scooted myself closer to the doorway, and poked the barrel of my gun around the corner, keeping it there for a while, thinking someone was actually there. I then brought my gun back behind the wall, and as quietly as I could, I lowered myself to the ground, crouching down, with the gun still up to my shoulders, and I quickly crouch walked over to the other side of the door, my gun aiming straight inside as I took a glance of what was in there. Nothing. I peaked around the corner, looking inside, behind the wall I was just standing against, and saw no sign of life. I focused my eyes around the part of the room I could see, until I raised my back up, and continued to crouch walk, fully inside. The room was dark, the only light coming from the doorway. I quickly looked around the room. The arrow was a little trap, the door hooked up to a string, triggering a homemade launcher as the door opens. Pretty smart. I was in a small little room, with some cabinets, the cabinet doors ripped open, and absolutely nothing on the shelves. I stood up to my feet, and began to get a closer look of my area. I had to move pretty quickly, in case someone was in the building. There was a door on the other side of the room, that looks like it lead to the main part of the building, with the big windows. It was a little fancy wooden door, with a square window, at about head height. The window seemed to be painted over, by white spray paint, but I could still get a decent look at the other side. The restaurant looked pretty empty. There was no handle for the door. I pushed it open, and it make a little squeaky noise, and I had my gun raised, turning it around the large room, as I inspected it. I was in the kitchen area, behind the counters, and everything else in front of me were flipped tables and chairs, barricaded door in the corner of the building, and stairs on the right side of the room, going up. I jogged out of the kitchen, and shuffled through the dinning room, cautiously looking around, and I made my way to the stair case. I looked up the stairs, seeing the corner of the building at the top, and lead to another room. As quickly as I can, I tip toed up the staircase, still not helping that I made the stairs squeak as I stepped on them. As I reached to the top, I poked my gun around the corner, and kept it there for a few seconds. I counted down to 10, in my head, keeping my body completely still, and I jumped out from the corner, rushing inside the small room. It was empty. Tables and chairs all piled up in a corner, and sleeping bags, and body bags filled the room. All of them abandoned. Someone was definitely camping here for a while, but it looks like they might've just up and left. There were small rectangular windows, facing the 2 streets. I walked forward, towards the set of windows facing Pine St., and I stared out, turning my head in an angel to get a good view. I looked above the heard of infected, to see them surrounding a little red light. I stared at it a little longer, and noticed what it was. It was a flare. I thought to myself... Somebody must be here...


To Be Continued...

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My Afterlife
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