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 Update 19.0a 21 jun 2016 19:39PM (UTC+01:00)

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PostSubject: Update 19.0a 21 jun 2016 19:39PM (UTC+01:00)    Tue 21 Jun - 19:40

+New system of interaction between the players
+A player can violently push another player. (Useful for people who are afk on the passage. And another...)
+Script System to Take item in the backpack of your friend without drop it on the ground
+Skill to check the heal point of construction
+The End of the 'Reload button' on the barricade. (New menu with interface)
+New menu with interface check Screens
+Possibility of recycling the constructions are not finished.
+Possibility to repair of the barricades
+Possibility to level the reenforcement of the constructions.
+Possibility to drop the stack of metal or choose the quantity you want drop, not only 10 per 10.
+Add new ressource. The screwed for the constructions improvement. And more later.
+Add the new ressource in system of loot for the furnitures.
+Script System to Store in the backpack of your friend
+Translated the new things in 21 languages.

New Item:
Sound Effect
Inventory adaptation
Add in Zword Spawn Menu
Info: The Saw usefull to recycle the construction and crafting of plank.

+Screwed box:
Sound Effect
Inventory adaptation
Add in Zword Spawn Menu


+Fixed batterie error lua server side. (Reason some time you can not take the car batterie)
+New administration panel.
+New system to manage the server.
+Optimisation of the admin panel(The new system is more lightweight, it works with 40 files in less and spends 350ko to 141ko. Edit: 98ko)
+New rank, Super-Admin, Co-Owner
+Season control
+When you open a menu with F1,F2,F3 or F4 you can close it by pressing the same button.
+New F3 Menu for the Owners.
+Edit your own reason of Kick & Ban
+Fixed gm_fork map (collision)

+Optimisation gain:
Old Version vs New Version:
8.15Mo 7.09Mo
997 files 749 Files
1.Gb of bandwidth saved for the connection of 943 players.

+New structure for storage of data.
+Optimisation of the loading bar.
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Update 19.0a 21 jun 2016 19:39PM (UTC+01:00)
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