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 Strange Admin behaviour

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PostSubject: Strange Admin behaviour   Fri 8 Jul - 21:20

Hello, I've played Zworld more than 300 hours. Today I was playing on server called "100% Fran" (I am not French, but i like that server and i follow all the rules there). Today there was playing one of admins of that server. I really like that server and admins are just great but admin who was playing today had a very strange behaviour. First of all, the admin was not doing anything from admin responsibilities. The admin was not looking other players to follow the rules. The admin was just having fun with his friends. What is more, admin was stealing loot from my bagpack. That's sounds funny but it is true. Admin took few guns including sniper rifle from my bag being invisible. One time i killed admin when he was playing like a usual player. After that admin teleported to me trying to kill me. I gave all the loot i had to admin because i wanted him to stop chasing me. When admin got all my loot he just killed me (but the rules said that no one can kill people with no loot). After that i found a base of admin's friends. Those people said "Dont kill us we have no loot" but i saw that they had guns on their back. I killed admin's friend and I got kicked for killing a player "without loot". After that i logged again and said to admin (Dirox_Pro)  that he kicked me for nothing but he just ignored me. After that I said that I am going to report such strange behaviour and I got banned.

I respect the owner of that server, I respect the rules, that the owner established. But I can not respect the administrator who is just having fun and does not do anything about the server. I can not respect admin who interferes with normal game. What is more, I heard an admin voice and i think, that he is 11-12 years old. I know that owner set his own administrators and i respect his choise but I don't think that it is a good idea to make an administrator such young man. Many players are interested in normal playing on that server and they don't like when admin is doing such strange things.  Thanks for attention, I hope you will solve this problem. (sorry for my bad English)
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Admin behaviour   Fri 8 Jul - 21:54

I have seen you on some servers so I guess you would never lie to "us".
About the server you were playing on, it is a rented server so it has nothing to do with the Official Zworld team.
But yeah, the admin or owner who was there was really unfair and it is disappointing that some people act like this. Since it is a rented server we can't really do anything.
Respectfully yours.

P.S.: Wait for Nordahl or Popkill's answer too.  wink
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PostSubject: Re: Strange Admin behaviour   Sat 9 Jul - 16:27

Hello. This is not my team administrate it. Better to forgot this server. Or contact the Owner/renter under the table of the servers list they are the link.


Maybe the owner dont know this kind of behavior. That can be usefull to report it.
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Strange Admin behaviour
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