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 [FAQ EN] Leak-Protection System F.A.Q

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PostSubject: [FAQ EN] Leak-Protection System F.A.Q   Thu 1 Dec - 10:27

This article is not relevant anymore: The updated version is here: https://originahl-scripts.com/fr/help/script-activation-presentation#3
New Website here : https://originahl-scripts.com/gmod-scripts

The content below is no longer current, however I am keeping this article for those who would use the old version:


  • About the system
  • Personnal questions
  • Technical questions
  • Diverse questions

My server is banned, what will happen?
My scripts won't work anymore on your server.

Does the ban lasts forever?
Yes, no delay is applied. And you can't be banned for nothing.

How can I unban my server?
I'll apply the same rule than ScriptEnforcer
On this solution, to unban your server you need to pay 5$. I like this principle. This forces to stay serious  losing time with childishness is loosing time for something else. This principle will works with serious people.

I'm banned on scriptfodder does you system ban will as-well?
No you can sill use my script if that doesn't concerns me.

How can I be banned?
-Banned for BadEntry = When you submit multiple times non-existing or leaked licences, the warning shows up and the BADENTRY counter starts. When it reaches the maximum of Bad entries, which is 5, your server will be banned for BadEntry. Don't forget that when a licence is already activated on two servers, the next IP trying to be activated will count as a BadEntry and is added to the leak counter. When the leak counter reaches 5 The script licence and the server's IP are banned for the "LEAK" reason.

-Banned for Chargeback = When you open a dispute in PayPal without any reasons, even if the script is working,  you will be banned for Chargeback and you script will be deactivated with the same reason.

-Banned for Leak = When the leak counter reaches it's limit.

Why don't you use ScriptEnforcer?
Simply because I wanted an independent system and I'm curious. I'm sure that the author of ScriptEnforcer makes good work, my friends are very satisfied from it. My objective is not to make concurrence since my system is for a personal use only. And if one day the platform decides to close its doors, this will not be my problem. Edit  2017-03-27 : "6 month later" 1f449 ScriptEnforcer Closing - Must Read 1f44d

Why doing this system?
For more than a year, I worked on my scripts without taking care of the problems that leaks does.
Today, the result of having ignored it is pretty big, at a point where I'm asking if I should stop Scriptfodder
I maintained a constant work level for constants amelioration. I kept up-to-date my works with the help of constructive reviews and I thank people that gives feedback and honest reviews. But that asks to dedicate entire days.

Actually I have 14 scripts, with 1702 sold scripts there is more than 31310 installations.

I didn't really cared before because I had other priorities, I also think that good persons use leaked scripts only to test them, before, if they liked it, buying them. I trust these persons, and I'd love to trust the same way for the others.

But this good faith doesn't exist on anyone and even less in the French community of GMod.

Whatever the work we do. Physical or not, gratifying or not, long or short, it is normal to received consideration from it. The craziest thing is that some people can affirm the opposite..

I do not have access to the server console how do I activate a script?
You can use the Rcon command.

How can I inverse the Warning or BadEntry counter?
They reset when you successfully activate a script.

I have a new server without the same IP, can I ask to transfer my activation licences?
Of course, the only condition is that you send a ticket on scriptfodder with the account you used to buy the script.

When I try to activate it from my console in game, I have a "unknow command"
In this case enter the password rcon and use the command with rcon, because the activation is done only from the server console.

I have one license but I have 6 servers, can I raise the limit of 6 ip Address ?
Yes, open a ticket to prove to me that you are a customer and made your request by giving me your ip address.

Any other way to buy instead of PayPal?
No, sorry.

My script is banned for leak, can I be reimbursed?
No. This question shouldn't even be asked, remember that Leaks are a Fraud. Internet is not a place where you can do everything without consequences.

I have the authorization??
Marcuz the administrator of Scriptfodder has given me permission to use my protection system the time that they put in place their own system of protection.
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[FAQ EN] Leak-Protection System F.A.Q
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