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 HSK | Aero possibly hacking

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PostSubject: HSK | Aero possibly hacking   Sun 15 Jan - 13:07

Alright so i have been playing 2 days with him and i think he's hacking

story of 1st day: so on the first day 3 other people in my gang not including me saw HSK | Aero on sight and was shooting on us so i ran up shooting him like 5 times with a shotgun, then my friend shot him with a sniper rifle multiple times but still not dead but then he got shot by a shotgun from a really far distance then my other friendly came up with a ak47 shooting him rapidly and he dies which is kinda fishy :/ and the funny thing is that he never missed a shot

possible hacks: aimbot hacks

story of 2nd day: so i was chilling with 2 of my other friends and i went out to get a car while they both stayed in the base i was in. so when i came back i got shot once from HSK | Aero in the cornor of the base of the container while theres walls all over it so I stayed in the oppisite side of the container waiting if something happenes and there was a one way in and one way out so i starred at that area then out of no where i got shot by him in the fog which maybe considers esp hacks since he knew where i was.

possible hacks: ESP hacks | aimbot hacks

there isn't any proof of this activities happening but please note that he will ruin the game if you don't notice this actions he's doing
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PostSubject: Re: HSK | Aero possibly hacking   Sun 15 Jan - 20:24

I can do something but Without steam id of this player this report is useless.
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HSK | Aero possibly hacking
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