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 The Dying of Daylight

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The Dying of Daylight Empty
PostSubject: The Dying of Daylight   The Dying of Daylight EmptyWed 26 Jul - 6:20

[A loud thumping noise is heard as quiet static emits and the recording starts.]

Child 1: "Is he dead?"
Child 2: "I don't know..."
Child 1: "Touch him!"
Child 2: "No, you touch him!"
Child 1: "You're scared!"
Child 2: "No, I'm not!"
Child 1: "Then touch him!"

[Static appears for a milisecond, then the recorder shifts as he is slowly waking up...]

Child 2: "He blinked!"
Child 1: "Wha-..."
Child 2: "He blinked again!"
Child 1 & 2: "Zombie! Ruu-uun!"

[The person recording slowly gets up and finally wakes from his coma, Wondering whether he is dead or not.]

Recorder: "Whut... The fuck...?"

[The person recording, due to a hard object hitting the record button on his old camera, Kyle Crane, shuffles down the hallway in a clammy apartment building only to see the two children running behind the man with a rusty pipe]

Guard: "So you sleep for three days straight, then scare children? Off to a great start, 31."
Crane: "Enough bullshit, where the hell am I?"
Guard [Sarcastically]: In paradise, can't you see?"
Guard: "Okay, enough fooling around. Head to room 90. THe boss'll brief you there, 31."
Crane: "Wait... 31? What're you talkin about?"
Guard [Down the hallway]: "Ask the boss!"

[Kyle Crane begrudgingly makes his way up the stairs and through the rusty green double doors in the middle of the hallway with a black number "90" hanging above it by a thread. As he makes his way through a sliding glass door to the right, he finds a 16-17 year old kid named Rahim.]

Crane: "He- ..." "Are you the... boss...?"
Rahim: "What? Am I too young? Is there something wrong with my age?"
Crane: "No... It's just... I... Someone said you wanted to talk to me?"
Rahim: "That's more like it. The only thing we could find on you, was your radio."
Crane: "Uh... Thanks but... Could I have that back please?"
Rahim: "Hm... Nah, I think we need it more than you do."
Crane: "Believe me pal, that's NOT the case."
Rahim: "... Fine. Take it. We risked our lives for lazy assholes like you, and you won't even share your gear with us?"
Crane: "Woah, hey, I'm not lazy, I'm just-"
Rahim: "Go be useful somewhere else. I don't want to see you, or your precious radio anymore."

[Crane leaves room 90.]
Crane: "I'm not lazy, you little shit."

-To be continued.-
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The Dying of Daylight
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