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 Diary of Johnny Martin

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PostSubject: Diary of Johnny Martin   Diary of Johnny Martin EmptySun 30 Jul - 2:31

November 11

I feel like I've been here for weeks on end.. the fire went out, so I revived it. Afterwards, I went out to search for gasoline, but instead turned into scavenging, of which I now can use my sidearm at least.

I couldn't make it home before 1930, thinking the whole parade would come at 2000, but someone offered me a ride, as karma for helping other people out. I guess helping others really does have benefit.

Arriving home, safe and sound, my worst condition could be cold. I am very cold, and the fire was out. I restarted the fire, drank some water and ate something. Then I called it a night.
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PostSubject: Re: Diary of Jhonny Martin   Diary of Johnny Martin EmptySun 30 Jul - 4:31

Oh, look, it's Jhonny Martin AKA Dumm3 4 Anim3.
You killed over 6 times on a PvE server.
You've been reported.
Enjoy the ban, dickhead.
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Diary of Johnny Martin
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