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 AFK [Away From Keyboard] mode

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PostSubject: AFK [Away From Keyboard] mode   Sun 17 Dec - 2:02

In advance, I apologize for posting so frequently.

So me and my friend, Crazyzerg, were playing on a server together. We make a good amount of progress, except for a single issue.

So he had to go AFK for a while, and did so accordingly. But however, he died from thirst from being unable to check on the character.

So I wanted to suggest an AFK mode. Players do not lose their stats, except for health, when they are not at their computer. I had to check on my character every 5 minutes when I was doing a mass load of laundry.

In a way, this can be abused. Players can just switch it on, and go throughout the game unhindered.
But to combat this, I thought up of a way this can be fixed.

-If the player moves, fires a gun, presses any keys, or looks around, they will be notified that AFK mode has been turned off and it will happen accordingly. This is a good way to disable the abuse.

If you have any questions about this suggestion, either E-mail me, PM me, or reply.

Thanks for your time in reading this,
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PostSubject: Re: AFK [Away From Keyboard] mode   Wed 20 Dec - 11:37

Sorry for the delay, for the moment I rewrite everything on Zworld. I think made something like this but not now.

My list of progress: https://zworld-afterlife.com/to-do-list
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SteamID64 : 76561198352050081
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PostSubject: Re: AFK [Away From Keyboard] mode   Fri 22 Dec - 22:32

I think delays are normal, and I understand them.

I don't expect people to always be on and completely active on forums, so there's no need to apologize. :smily3:

Anyways, thanks for telling me. I look forward to not dying whenever I have to go do something important. :sm7:
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PostSubject: Re: AFK [Away From Keyboard] mode   

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AFK [Away From Keyboard] mode
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