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 Journal of SSG. Daniel Jackson

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PostSubject: Journal of SSG. Daniel Jackson   Tue 20 Feb - 8:51

Two days. Two goddamn days I've been stuck wandering around this city with a damn Civilian. The Civvie is a decent shot, but I'd much rather have another Corpsman if I had the choice.

Not much in the way of equipment other than my M4A1 and M9 Beretta. Been running low on ammo since before I ended up in this town. The Civvie travelling with me had a Hunting Shotgun when we met up, Lost it somewhere. He's down to a barely functional glock at this point. Hoping we come across some sort of police station where I can find some 9mm for me and some 10mm for his Glock. Maybe we'll get lucky and find a shotgun in a squad car or something.

Its late summer, So, We can only hope that the weather stays nice so we can continue moving. I dont like being stuck in the same area, Supplies run out way to fast in towns, and with the large city only a mile or two away, Hordes and Bandits are increasingly common, and I cant afford to use what little ammo I have on either. Although I can say keeping this Civvie alive isnt easy, Its nice not to be travelling alone anymore... Just hope he doesnt go like Krieger did... Poor bastard.
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PostSubject: Re: Journal of SSG. Daniel Jackson   Tue 20 Feb - 12:54

Good luck. :)
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Journal of SSG. Daniel Jackson
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