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 Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility

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Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility Empty
PostSubject: Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility   Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility EmptyWed 12 Sep - 7:55

Issue 1: Okay, as many of my fellow survivors and I have experienced, Crates and barricades decay faster than one can fix them now. Unless somebody joins and repairs or improves their crates/barricades two or three times a day, the respective barricades and crates will decay into being broken and disappearing. I know there is the option of improving to Lv 10 on each and every item, but nobody ever has the amount of resources (about 400 screws, 35 rope, 100 boards for a crate), necessary to get a barricade or crate to that level, no less the time. Also, even if someone manages to get an item to that level of improvement, they have to use about 200 nails minimum to repair the amount of decay that happens in one (real life) day. I would simply like to suggest maybe lowering the decay rate if possible, or (Im just hoping here) maybe removing the "Maintenence Reset Decay" to prevent the inability to properly save any items by a normal, non database player. I hope I am not the only one that has had troubles with losing MANY hours worth of scavenged loot simply because I could not check on my crates that I built for storing my items, simply because I needed to do something else during the day, such as helping my family members or running errands.

Issue 2: We can no longer move already built crates. I know this is probably an idiotic complaint, but it has really caused some issues for me, and many of the players on my server. It is mostly a small inconvenience, but, it really troubles us, as we have to build entirely new crates if we move our base, which REALLY is a burden due to the Decay rate. Since you have to make whole new crates and hope to god that you have the ability to improve their HP so you dont lose them to the maintenance decay, thus costing you all of your hard earned loot. I understand if the new system would break by making crates moveable again, but if it is possible, it would be a MASSIVE help if we could get that ability back.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this,

- Andrei Markov
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Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility   Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility EmptyFri 26 Oct - 18:09

Hello this forum is not used now. Us use Discord or the official website (server discussion)

What you meet I already worked on. It's planned for the next update : https://zworld-afterlife.com/to-do-list

Thank you for your feed back.
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Crate/Barricade decay rate AND crate mobility
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