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 Version 3.0.3

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Version 3.0.3 Empty
PostSubject: Version 3.0.3   Version 3.0.3 EmptyTue 18 Dec - 18:44

➕ Feature: changelog : https://zworld-afterlife.com/changelog
+Lock/Unlock doors System
+Convert all old npcs to NEXTBOT system
+Optimize Nextbot system
+Zombies: Catch system (When you are caught you cannot move.)
+Zombies: Can catch and bite (luck of infection by bites=100%)
+Zombies: Decrease luck of infection when a zombie hits you (=10%)
+New Npcs Infected : =68.ARBpHKT0hDx6S__SMyKiU2KKF70QHaHGdTkox4EW2BuliOHK9GjHuvLygChYE08OAR2rYugEVLaBNr7R9NYTwts7RgMutjzw9H-zXoHSe8pRsNELL3rztz7HTvaFtdrNDMVUty3L0-rvsLeT1gC8EA46Fs5psS8Tr9wZQBAxtPWBFV1q7Ojo3vY86299I8YNWIuKrcHi_Zf3jwYKjUIzTHiQt5R5voeUtA&__tn__=-R]info
+Musics dynamique of Zones and combats : info
+Propane cannister : info
+2 news furnitures for Zmap-Maker : info
+Final version of Crafting system. : =68.ARAZ6vQmpoXlA-rAmR5A4jRymdbDYp9iZubFhfqLxWKNVVqzz0plOCa4mNZ-NOTi0gfTR5q3Gk6Fj-IU4l2HzFazy_u12skRusiB2eJybKdlVZdfH1a8F7DUi74oXAhi8Ku0zgNvEsJd8iKw8TGTzf7VwY-Oa4CApdIZ6rPMaPGod3q826IQ4lLlcKOxn4b2b9MBCriTItwKGJrIMkknlX5xd-A&__tn__=-R]info
+The red medkit can also treat leg injuries.
+Candle item : =68.ARD7ibjFPYzCpXd_ltOhNqiqbFDT7X086g8ZLVg-NoymFkD1DXTNBISzlM4n7qDqUbV80rGYdrKlS11DV-zBI5id2Zwh6RkhWVNlh0rFjmcKLyWQFIH0Of12bcXfz2udnEr892V_SfP8n7ipWZKf8WT9GYQPeWyJePUI1jMBV5Pvm3EnZgN9Lec6pWS4KoiYEnnYmCOHZdu5Mh60zlc4zVmXUh8&__tn__=-R]info
+Candle System : =68.ARD7ibjFPYzCpXd_ltOhNqiqbFDT7X086g8ZLVg-NoymFkD1DXTNBISzlM4n7qDqUbV80rGYdrKlS11DV-zBI5id2Zwh6RkhWVNlh0rFjmcKLyWQFIH0Of12bcXfz2udnEr892V_SfP8n7ipWZKf8WT9GYQPeWyJePUI1jMBV5Pvm3EnZgN9Lec6pWS4KoiYEnnYmCOHZdu5Mh60zlc4zVmXUh8&__tn__=-R]info
+The admineyes can be used to place Candle.
+New npc health bar
+nav_mesh creation for the nextbot's on 33 maps
+Add 50 musics
+Horde system
+Get your points when you kill a zombie with a car + Exp
+Name all locations on all maps. : screen
+Audio environment of the premises. Music adapted + echo
+Tree alive : video
+Two new furniture

+Admin can lock/unlock doors with the admineyes

+Improvement of the wheel menu
+Improvement menu reload of weapons
+Fixed the movement of items on the player.
+Fixed wear of constructions in time 10 times too fast.
+Fixed when the battrie is freeze when you take 2 times.
+Lighting a match warm.
+Lighting the zippo warm.
+Possibility to light a puddle of gasoline by turning on the zippo nearby.
+When you shoot a jerrycan, it explodes.
+Improvement of the Horde control. : info
+Sleep system, use sleepiness and sleep without waiting.
+Fixed when you sell x amount it sells for 1 - Reported by Momiji
+Fixed speed movement after you go to sleep with your legs broken.

+Member list system : Link
+Profil system : Exemple with my profil
+Profil editor system
+Halloween theme
+Websites is now compatible with Emoji : Emoji List
+Server Management panel updated : Example
+Todolist Structure updated : Example
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Version 3.0.3
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