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 Changenote 01/01/2013 ---> 21/03/2013

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PostSubject: Changenote 01/01/2013 ---> 21/03/2013   Fri 21 Mar - 14:25

*New Vgui


*New function of bandage to stop blood
*Blood attract zombie
*Redmedkit can also stop bleeding
*Blood effect.

-The Horde Maker can generate a horde and move.
-The view from the position of fastzombies Admin mode is shown in purple.

New artificial intelligence for slow zombies.
-The zombies can hear.
-Field of view before them.
The fastzombies-days are:
* they are easier to kill, their point of life was divided by 5.
Slowzombie-only tires in the head to kill.
Optimisation of resource zombies gain 400%.

New items:
+ Ammo-Flaregun
-The tin that can distract the zombies through the noise.

Improved menu:
System-choice slot on commercial equipment.
-Message Alert System.
* Level up
* Message Help
* Alert server

* Duplication Glitch with the bag.
* Duplication Glitch on the package carefully.

* System subscription.

Global-optimization of server resources.

Since the last update of gmod there is a story that appeared due to the player model startup.

I make an update to correct it immediately.

[ERROR] gamemodes/zmod/gamemode/cl_init.lua:426: attempt to index local 'eyes' (a nil value)
1. v - gamemodes/zmod/gamemode/cl_init.lua:426
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:82

[100%/------[Save system]
[100%/------[Improve Weapon system]
[100%/------[Improve interface]
[100%/------[server optimization]
[100%/------[Corrects minor errors]
[100%/------[Gust of wind acts on the foliage.]
[100%/------[New sound of rain]
[100%/------[Improved the iron sight weapons.]
[100%/------[Melee Weapon system improved]
[100%/------[Patch for the last map]
[100%/------[New system to add first admin, Remove System Support (Backdoor)]
For all:

For official server:
100%/------Wiki & tutorial Zmod
100%/------New value consummable
[100%/------[Admin Panel Fix all small problem]
[100%/------[black fading effect when you die, white fading effect when you spawn]
[100%/------[System of rotation ---> to palce barricade]
[100%/------[Fix problem of weight with tree and skill levelup woodcutter]
[100%/------[Know the reason of death. Thirst, hunger, Infection.]
[100%/------[New Scoreboard]
[100%/------[Database to save best score of player]
[100%/------[Server MySQL](Only official server)
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Changenote 01/01/2013 ---> 21/03/2013
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