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 Presentation anonim

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PostSubject: Presentation anonim   Tue 19 Sep - 14:53

Hello everyone, I am anonymous, I play your mod with 2013.
I'm 18 years old, live in Russia, my name is Alex.

Ready to help the project, if the project is willing to help me.
I don't like when I do not listen, and sometimes aggressive.
In Garris mod play 2011.
Zworld, or Zmod as it was called back in 2013 as I remember:D
very much I liked in its genre and complexity.
Somehow I have recently created a server for the mod, Yes, I have a mod Zmod, the that with 2013.
And I found that most of the people especially from China have already played this mod and some people said that they can't play on your servers just because of the remote location servers.

If I have 40-60 ping, they will have to go even to 200.
The joists they are just glad not to be so ready to offer translation on Russian language and the location of the game server.

I also have some ideas for a trailer of your mod. The music I have, the only thing left of the scene to record. Videos I know I youtuber channel I have 37 thousand subscribers.
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Presentation anonim
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