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 unban request for geemayn

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SteamID64 : STEAM_0:1:19141657
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unban request for geemayn Empty
PostSubject: unban request for geemayn   unban request for geemayn EmptyTue 31 May - 20:14

1- STEAM-ID : 76561197998549043 according to the server or STEAM_0:1:19141657

2- Are you banned on every servers : No

3- On which server you are banned : (answer at this question if you aren't banned on every servers)
US and some EU ones but most specifically US PvE

4- What is written when you try to connect on a server :
You are Blacklisted for violation of the proper functioning of the server, disrespect, cheat or hack. A lawsuit can be initiated by the association of law 1901. The System.

5- Explain what happened : I started zworld yesterday for the first time on the US Server, and I really enjoyed it. I was playing on a PvP EU server and GMod ended up freezing and crashing, and whenever I joined a server it kept breaking gmod and crashing when it was loading foilage or user files, and I couldn't join

I had to reinstall gmod completely and I found out I'm banned on some servers for this reason

I really like this gamemode but being banned from the only US server is an issue since EU servers have high ping and are nearly unplayable for me

Thank you for creating a great gamemode though ;)
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SteamID64 : 76561198033784269
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unban request for geemayn Empty
PostSubject: Re: unban request for geemayn   unban request for geemayn EmptyTue 31 May - 22:19

And the command lua_openscript, was it written alone in your console?

Stop making fun of me. An attempt to cheat and this is the end.

Refused. :redc:
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unban request for geemayn
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