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 Tutorial - To enable a script to your server - System License

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PostSubject: Tutorial - To enable a script to your server - System License   Sat 10 Dec - 1:16

This article is not relevant anymore: The updated version is here: https://originahl-scripts.com/fr/help/script-activation-presentation#3
New Website here : https://originahl-scripts.com/gmod-scripts

The content below is no longer current, however I am keeping this article for those who would use the old version:

[All Below is Outdated] :

Note : You must use the console of your server and not the client console.
If you decide to use the console from the client then use the password pass RCON of your server.


To activate a script, you simply have to type the following command: "nordahl_licence_activation" and followed by a space and:

  1. The Script's id which is showed in the table. (The number can also be found in the link of the script, for example, 1402 for my system to whitelist: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/1402 )
  2. The SteamID64 of the account used to buy the script.
  3. The Licence You will find here: link

EXAMPLE: "nordahl_licence_activation 1402 76561198033784269  8MX76698RW0615816"

A message will show up to indicate that everything was entered correctly and that the script is now activated.

It's Done!

You can now see your licence and it's status in the table:

Be careful to not enter anything for the sake of it, you can be banned by the system for abusing the activation process.

Note: The script's validation is bound to the server's Port and IP. YOU won't have to re-activate the licence is the server was re-installed. If you changed your server's IP please make a ticket on scriptfodder to resolve this.

Problem Rare

1. "unknown command" Serverside
Problem : You have a message "unknown command" in the console of your server.
Solution : Connect first to the server before you make the order of license activation of your addons.

List of scripts requiring activation

What script needs to be enabled to work?

Script Name
1.To Do List Manager
2.Player Spawn Point Editor
3.Area Restrictor
4.Loot Spawn Point Editor
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Tutorial - To enable a script to your server - System License
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